PayMix Electronic Money System

Spring framework, JPA/Hibernate, Maven, Oracle Database, GPS -Global Processing Service


About Project

PayMix offers Solutions for both Corporate and Personal Customers.

The PayMix Business Account is an alternative to the traditional business banking account, enabling you to make and receive payments.

As a Business customer, you have the option to be issued with multiple Prepaid cards to be used by your senior executives or employees (such truck drivers or employee on business trips) to pay for corporate expenses.


  • PayMix offers you various options for all your whitelabeling, BIN sponsoring and co-branding needs. Currently we have three main programmes which can be adapted based on your specification.
  • The distributor and merchant will have full flexibility on card design and technical web portal setup.
  • Load your Account – Load your account using different loading channels.
  • Withdraw or Pay – Withdraw or make a purchase with your Prepaid Card.

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