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Funded and nurtured by the Bab Rizq Jameel group, Comedy Jameel is a competition that aims to support and inspire comedians in Saudi Arabia and beyond. To bring those amazing talents into the spotlight through their own popular Youtube Channel. However they found themselves in a bit of a pickle to materialize it. Cometh the hour, cometh the man - they came to IndiaNIC seeking a solution to this puzzle as we already share a beautiful history

Project Brief

Launched by an extremely popular Bab Rizq Jameel group, Comedy Jameel is an initiative of Community Jameel, in collaboration with Al Comedy Club. It is a competition that aims to support, inspire, and advance their careers. IndiaNIC’s role was to conceptualise, develop, and implement a global web platform that meets every objective centered around promoting the local and global comedians.

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Faced Challenges

Conceptualize a 3-layer solution for participation, public voting, winners declaration - on a weekly basis.

The most important thing for IndiaNIC experts was to conceptualize a multilingual web solution (in Arabic & English) that offers these 3 objectives : Open comedian registration and upload video for weekly contest nominations, Weekly public voting for video contest, and Weekly announcements of contest winners. Youtube integration was needed too, as the selected videos were meant to be broadcasted on Youtube Live Show, hosted by the famous Saudi content creator Turki Almohsen.

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comedy competition website

Project Approach

After going through the initial phase of project discovery, we decided to build a user-friendly yet subtle web solution based on WordPress.

To match the project scope and objectives, two WordPress developers were assigned to the project with the initial responsibility to do comprehensive R&D to find a compatible WordPress plugin solution. This is going to be an entertainment website platform so the UX design team came up with an attractive dark theme. The dev team found and integrated Video Contest plugins to match with client expectations. The WordPress team also integrated a plugin QA to run and review website responsiveness tests.

Key Benefits

  • The platform instantly became a blessing for local comedians to showcase their talent on a global scale.
  • We opted to make it a multilingual website available in English and Arabic languages. This helped the client website to reach wider audiences in a short period.
  • Google search engine will also rank it higher due multilingual SEO benefit due to lack of competition.
  • Community now can effectively promote talents, hold regular competitions with a fair voting to announce winners through this platform.

Dev team performed R&D thoroughly to find a compatible WordPress plugin solution.


IndiaNIC has completed Phase-1 with a Fixed Cost model and the website was launched just a couple of months back. Phase-2 is ongoing for maintenance of the website.

The initial results are encouraging. In its debut month, the website traffic was around 20,000, where users from 82 countries got registered. The expected traffic in this month is double than the previous month and things are looking well on track to achieve that.

Considering the quality service and technical ability of team IndiaNIC, the client has just sent us a proposal request for Phase-3, to develop a mobile app.

Can’t wait to get started!! 🙂

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