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The mission of this project is pretty straightforward for our client from Nagpur, India - to create a platform as a source to spread the knowledge and services to common people to understand their rights and get justice in legal and financial matters of all kinds.

Project Brief

Do you own a business but are unaware about the legal and financial things associated? Relax, you are not the only one. A web solution for legal and financial services is developed just for you to outsource your legal and financial tasks. Taxolawgy, developed by IndiaNIC, is one such marketplace. It is a hub of financial services, legal services, and Management experts, who offer respective services to businesses for any scope of work.

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Faced Challenges

Identifying and implementing multiple users and ensuring a smooth workflow with complete transparency in between.

The core challenge for team IndiaNIC was to connect Advocates, CA, CS, CFA, CPA, MBA, etc. across the globe with the prospect clients online with full transparency. Multiple payment gateways were needed to integrate into this platform. Razorpay or Indian market and Stripe for overseas. The biggest challenge was to conceptualize, identify, and implement a web platform with multiple layers (user domains) based on the client’s proposed monetization strategy.

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Project Approach

During the Project Discovery phase (before the development cycle begins), our experts suggested creating a marketplace with a model consisting 5 different users : Super Admin, Admins, Experts, Customers, and Visitors. Based on the business model proposed by the client, the team decided to offer 5 different subscription packages for the experts.

A custom chat, search module using Vue.js was integrated to offer instant communication between the users.

The team took care of the design part and the critical Business Rules Documentation. To match the scope of the website, we plugged two senior Laravel developers, each working on predefined separate modules. Additionally, the team plugged in the HTML developer to make the UI interactive and responsive.

Key Benefits

  • Although there are multiple benefits but there is one such benefit that instills trust to the system. A feature called milestone based payment release which auto-releases payments for every single milestone only after it is completed.
  • The Custom Chat module using Vue.js allows users to instantly communicate about critical concerns. Specially, for the end users it is a useful tool to have to authenticity validation and move forward.
  • Narrow your search with the extensive set of filters we have come up with this marketplace. It was highly necessary for the huge range of services for finance, legal, and management domains.
  • Multiple payment integration provides the best support for a particular region. It guarantees hassle-free and successful transactions across multiple markets.

A DEV team of UI designer, Vue.js, Laravel, and HTML experts gelled up to deliver a responsive UI in the record time.


Core features of this legal and financial services marketplace include Expert profile, Custom Chat, Multiple Payment Gateway Integration, Milestone based Payment Release in Job, and Online Dispute Management.

IndiaNIC experts completed the Phase-1 with a Fixed Cost engagement model in record time, from the ideation to delivery. Client was tremendously satisfied with efforts put by the team as the website is used already in 19 countries with over 912 types of services. The DEV team is currently working on two change requests for further enhancements. Phase-2 development is already in the pipeline to get started around June 2021.

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