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Digital Catalogue App for Sales Representatives

We developed a custom iPad application for the sales force of Life Technologies to replace the stereotype way of paper-based marketing material for enhanced productivity, customer acquisition, and brand management.

Project Brief

Life Technologies is a leading biotech company providing the most innovative products and services to esteemed customers in the fields of scientific research. To support scientists, Life Tech offers high-end solutions ranging from everyday essentials to instruments, for every lab and relevant applications. The client approached IndiaNIC in search of a digitized solution for the sales team to market their products efficiently to their customers.

digital catalogue app for sales representatives

The Problem

The priority was to replace the old fashioned paper-based marketing material (which was tedious and error-prone) with a complete digital solution.

The sales representatives team of Life Technologies was operating solely on manual, paper-based marketing material. They needed to carry a significant amount of marketing dossier out on the field, which could be cause for loss of important documents in the process. In the case of customer acquisition, the company had to bear with long durations of closing the deals with manual paperwork in place. The sales team would collect the information from the customer, return to the office and then place the order. In addition, the whole system was far from eco-friendly, as it consumed a lot of paper which spiked the printing cost.

Life technology’s digital catalogue app for Sales team
custom iPad digital catalogue app for the sales force

Our Strategy

The major challenge was maintaining the brand value of Life Technologies. The entire approach was led with the following maxim in mind, “The right information to the right person, at the right time.” We designed and developed an iPad app with intuitive design using which salesperson can quickly search the data according to the client queries. Dynamic categorization was used to allow products to be displayed with extensive search functionality. The iPad was selected as the supporting device of the application and we designed the UI with a compelling UX that was easy to use, especially on a mobile device that allows a sales representative to quickly access and present the information to a potential customer. We also provided a back-end system from where the admin can update the content to keep it updated at all times.

Key Benefits

  • Digital catalog app solution not only saves businesses from recurring printing costs but also empowers them to increase online visibility and outreach.
  • The app keeps all the data safe and secured in order to analyze it at a later time for future insights.
  • Customers can download the PDF for a relevant product with all the information and share it with others instantly while providing offline access to the downloaded PDFs.
  • For sales representatives, no internet connectivity is needed to use the app as the local database is updated all the time when a request comes in.
  • Such solutions can improve the overall business flow and help in brand monitoring through swift customer feedback through active engagement.

Our expert developers will deliver a complete catalogue solution to distribute your digital catalogue in the most economical & efficient way to your potential customers.


Life Technologies no longer suffers through tedious management of tangible documentation. The application helped Life Technologies to stay ahead in the market by sharing and providing the latest information to their sales force in real time. After digitizing the process by having an iPad app, the sales force experienced a spike in productivity and client acquisition because of effortless order management. The offline access resulted in a seamless sales process making data accessible and editable as needed.

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