Digital Safety Guide for Fall Prevention in Construction

The end goal of Fall PtD app development at IndiaNIC leveraging iOS app development, was to innovate a new Prevention through Design (PtD) knowledge base to model the relationships between fall risks and design decisions digitally.

Project Brief

This amazing fall prevention mobile app for builders community exists as a result of the research performed by Dr. Imriyas Kamardeen, the Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Australia. Fall PtD mobile app was designed to aid building designers (architects and engineers) in adopting fall prevention through design tactics in their professional practices. Another objective was to assist academics in tertiary education institutions in enhancing their building design and engineering curricula by incorporating accident prevention through design components.

Fall PtD in construction business domain

The Problem

Accident Statistics show that uncertain falls are accountable for 30-50% casualties on a construction site that cost millions of dollars to the industry.

Dr. Imriyas Kamardeen conducted research and found from the research learnings that the role of designers has traditionally been to design a building so that it conforms to accepted local building codes. The safety of workers was being left up to the contractors building the designs. Apparently, the designers had a strong control on construction safety during the conceptual, preliminary and detailed design phases. As a consequence, a mobile app was in need to exercise their duty of care and due diligence under the workplace health and safety legislation.

early Ptd Suggestions in fall prevention app in construction
early design suggestions in fall prevention app in construction

Our Strategy

Team IndiaNIC understood the requirement and vision of Dr. Imriyas Kamardeen. With rich experience in working with Construction and Real Estate businesses, we suggested and showcased our work with custom features which could be a perfect fit to execute the app ideas to architects and designers. A custom mobile app was developed which could work perfectly across all iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). We illustrated fall prevention through designs from preliminary to detailed stages based on types of construction sites, buildings or building areas like corridors, railings, ramps, etc.

Key Benefits

  • A mobile version of Fall PtD presents a platform to have up-to-date drawings, designs and other information on the screen instead of a paper format.
  • All the time access to the pocket-friendly solution for every fall prevention through design reference.
  • The potential to significantly reduce the rate of serious injuries in the global construction industry was possible through a mobile app.
  • The app is ought to be popular amongst the builder community as most of the governments around the world have mandated Fall PtD lately.

A dedicated development team at IndiaNIC collaborated with UNSW built department to deliver a custom mobile app for Fall PtD in construction business domain.


Since the launch of the app, the construction line casualties in and around NSW was reduced significantly. The mobile app provided scalability options bringing much-needed awareness to architects and governments to alter workplace health and safety rules. The app became an instant hit amongst the students of tertiary education institutes which helped to enhance their building design and engineering leveraging fall prevention through design concepts.

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