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Developed One Stop Solution App for Visa

IndiaNIC developed an Android and iOS application for VFS that helped potential Visa applicants who want to track their visa status with other information. This digital solution saves time for the end-users and enhances experience through Visa Facilitation Services.

Project Brief

VFS contacted IndiaNIC to build multiple apps for their Country specific office  that displays all the visa related information. Along with tracking status of Visa application, the app required feature where users can make payment online along with booking appointments  for interviews. The idea was to provide a complete digital solution that can enhance the user experience and streamlines the tedious process through a unique platform with all the visa relevant information which a user needs.

VFS Global App Snapshots

The Problem

The client wanted an app to be a one-stop-solution for all the visa relevant information to enhance the experience of the applicants.

Global Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) wanted to serve their clients (visa applicants) leveraging mobile technology. This was to automate the information and appointment booking processes which were old fashioned and tedious. The applicants had to come to the office for a range of queries, from basic to relevant and complex queries, which was affecting the overall staff productivity. Also, it was never joyous to see long queues of clients going home with nothing after the working hours are finished. As a result, VFS was seeking for the best IT company in India to provide an end-to-end solution that could solve the problem.

VFS Global App Date and Time Screen
VFS Global App Appointment Screen

Our Strategy

We initiated with expert strategic consultation with the help of our efficient mobile technicians. After creating a roadmap about the app development journey, it was approved by VFS and the designing and development started. Having a technical team of web developers with themselves, VFS team was ready to take up the backend part of the application. This included server architecture, web services (APIs) and the entire database with passing information via SOAP API. We started Android and iOS app development simultaneously leveraging our large pool of developers. After completion of the application, we sent source code to the VFS technical team where they re-engineered ipa and apk file and provided us valuable feedback.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end hands-on information for interested Visa applicants about any visa-related question leveraging mobile app development allows users to access and share information instantly.
  • Important information about VFS branches and operations like regulations, holiday list, customer feedback, faqs, etc. could be retrieved with notifications on mobile devices. This really helps in avoiding false visits to the VFS offices.
  • User reviews and feedback can help VFS to analyze and kickstart working on the areas of improvement. A mobile app benefits effective engagement to the general audience improving brand experience.
  • A mobile app with Google Maps integration or custom maps integration can help applicants to find the brand with effective location tracking feature instead of roaming around.
  • A multilinguist app can always provide personalized and improved customer experience with a synched database. Users will be able to get full access to their preferred language.

Our team of 15 dedicated experts collaborated with VFS team, to deliver user centric Android and iOS applications.


Team IndiaNIC successfully delivered 39 applications for different geographies. After the launch, the VFS observed improved operations and maintenance of the system. The positives of the applications allowed them to encourage visa applicants to use. They got good reviews, ratings, and feedback. The staff was even more productive and the purpose of having an app was well served with brand image intact.

Technology Used

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