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Interactive Corporate Training Solution

Our client, Abbott, is an American pharmaceutical and healthcare products manufacturing company. We rebuilt their existing ICT application, used to educate doctors for prescribing precise Duodopa dosage, with a dynamic CMS.

Project Brief

The client was looking to revamp their existing ICT application built using Adobe Flash to an improved version by leveraging trending technologies. The aim was to develop an interactive training platform where the structure would be simple, efficient and user-friendly to educate doctors through their ICT app. We also helped Abbott to overcome the limitations of Adobe Flash-based application by rebuilding the structure of the app using HTML5 technology.

Doctors getting trained by Abbott an Interactive Training Platform

The Problem

An interactive training education system with CMS implementation to enhance the overall user experience.

Being pharmaceutical giants of the USA, operating in over 130 countries and having over 90000 employees, it was the right time for Abbott to upgrade its training/ education systems. This is because they cannot give medicines directly to patients, which made it necessary to educate doctors through case studies and respective dosages. The existing ICT app for doctors and medical practitioners was built in Adobe Flash with a complicated structure. This made it extremely difficult for the client whenever there was a need to change the content of Interactive Certification Training (ICT) systems.

Doctor training with Abbott an Interactive Training Platform
Doctors using Abbott app as an Interactive Training Platform

Our Strategy

After knowing the business requirements of the interactive training platform during the kick-off session, we explained the roadmap of the development phase to the client. We suggested migrating the application from Flash to HTML5, where the structure of the application was rebuilt, and a web content management system was created.

The page in the new application is an object that implements a certain page class, thus making layout changes easier. The CMS we provided enabled the client to manage/ add/ edit/ remove the modules and pages as per custom requirements. Export functionality was provided that allowed users to export the content in a selected language making it compatible with CD/ DVD/ USB using a static browser.

Key Benefits

  • The resultant application is an education kit, which can run offline with the help of DVD/CD/USB, using a static browser. It eliminates the dependency of flash and active internet connection to study
  • The new ICT app proved to be a handy education tool for doctors and nurses through which they could access virtual cases with individual journal information and patient history, X-ray plates, medication history, etc.
  • Doctors and nurses were able to submit test data to avail ranks for their knowledge and certification without depending on internet connectivity.
  • An improved learning experience for the hospital staff enhanced the credibility of the company with accurate diagnostic services for patients.

A dedicated team of HTML5/ CSS3 developers collaborated with Abbott Laboratories to deliver an enhanced ICT application.


Since the launch of the newly built ICT app, the client has seen improvement in sales, patient satisfaction, and overall hospital operations. Abbott has seen a reduction in complaints against error in medication dosage by more than six percent in less than two years. Our rebuilt ICT app with a content management system proved to be a perfect fit for a patient education system or training platform.

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