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Location Based Logistics Tracking App

Murphy Brown LLC (A Smithfield Company), a leading food packaging and delivery service provider, was looking for a location-based application for truckers to search, accept and deliver loads faster by eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Project Brief

IndiaNIC was contacted by Murphy-Brown LLC to develop a highly functional native Android and iOS app. The main purpose of opting for an appointment booking app was to view, monitor & control customer information and provide a user-friendly app platform. We developed a native Android and iOS mobile app for delivery truck drivers in Carolinas and Virginia with a back-end application for Admin.

Murphy brown a logistics tracking app

The Problem

Need for an all-in-one logistics mobile app that overcomes problems in supply and demand to install business sustainability.

Inspired by the concept of smart logistics app platform, the client wanted to have their own logistics mobile app that can connect shippers and truckers. The issue faced by the client was an under utilization of the vehicles as they travel without meeting the target load capacity and return empty. Another bigger issue was the lack of quality of customer service due to the inability to provide regular updates and fast deliveries. Having a logistics mobile app could ease these woes by loading and delivering multiple shipments on the same route leveraging GPS technology.

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Our Strategy

Upon initial consultation, we showcased a few scenarios with similar innovative solutions developed for the logistics and transportation industry. The aim of the app was to provide ease of access to truckers and gain business by looking for available loads to be picked up based on their location.IndiaNIC developed a location-based logistics mobile application requesting truckers to search/ browse/ pick available loads. The truckers also can update current locations and status of the route to let the business owners know when the load will be delivered.

Key Benefits

  • A custom-built logistics mobile app can help in managing the fleet more efficiently for faster delivery operations leveraging smart route management. This can help the company schedule pickups along the way.
  • Regular updates on loads/ packages and fast deliveries are the ingredients for enhanced customer experience in logistic industry. A custom transportation app enables businesses to handle this with ease.
  • This app connects the truckers to the company directly, hence eliminating the intermediaries who charge huge commissions from the company's profit, establishing a win-win situation for both.
  • It helps in reducing the paperwork as all the data about the shipment are recorded online.
  • Admin can manage drivers, track their current status from back-end applications.

A dedicated team of innovators, designers, developers, industry experts, and quality analysts collaborated with Murphy-Brown LLC to deliver a feature-rich logistics application.


The quality of service increased significantly for both shippers and truckers, with real-time updates, status, etc. and it has been successfully used by 500+ truckers. The app has turned out to be a ‘boon’ for all truck drivers who have been always on-the-road but were unable to update their customers about job status in real-time. This app helped trucking contractors expand their business by making it more profitable.

Technology Used

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