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Kiosk Mobility Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Haas Automation, the largest machine tool builder, contacted experts at IndiaNIC to develop an iPad app which can be mirrored with digital signage displays used to foster upselling and impulse purchase at POS, events or exhibitions.

Project Brief

The client approached us with a requirement to develop an iPad application that could be a perfect fit for digital signage displays. This project could be a massive opportunity for the manufacturing industry to showcase their products with the help of technology in an interactive way.

mobility solutions for a manufacturing company

The Problem

To maintain the brand experience and to make the Tradeshow a huge success by showcasing their products digitally in the best possible way.

Haas Automation themselves organized an event where they were supposed to showcase their own machine tools to visitors and potential customers. There were 11 machines/ stations with same number of iPads that were meant to display information, specifications and pricing details about relevant machines using digital signage displays. The client was looking for a swift solution in the form of a custom iPad app with intuitive and precise UI/UX to make this event a huge success in terms of marketing and product sales.

ipad app development for a manufacturing industry
Product details in ipad app for a manufacturing industry

Our Strategy

After a strategic consultation and information sharing session, The client provided UI and Mockups which were transformed into HTML and later integrated into an iPad application. Templates for all 11 machines were designed by the designer team with precise information and specifications that reduced the development efforts. Our iPad app developers developed and delivered the iPad app on time. We helped Haas Automation with implementation and product testing as a part of our quality customer service.

Key Benefits

  • Digital signages capture 400% more views instead of static displays. More the views, number of inquiries businesses would receive. As a consequence, enhanced customer engagement leads to greater sales.
  • Having a custom app to make it work on digital signage could be a boon for businesses as it attracts customers with precise functioning, information, and specifications that drive impulse purchases.
  • KIOSK based demonstration of machine specifications and pricing instead of manual paperwork and human intervention improves brand experience.

A dedicated team of iPad developers collaborated with the Haas Automation tech team to deliver a fully functional iPad application.


The expert iPad development team at IndiaNIC made sure the custom to meet all the client expectations. As a result, the client was successfully able to showcase their products on digital signage through iPad during the event they organized. We were happy to hear that the client received more benefits in terms of sales and revenue with the Tradeshow iPad Digital Signage Application.

Technology Used

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