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Automated Cabin Control System For Private Aircrafts

Almost 5 years before the buzzword ‘IoT’ was introduced, IndiaNIC developed a complete automated solution to monitor and maintain a private aircraft cabin environment to enhance staff productivity and passenger experience.

Project Brief

Gulfstream is one of the largest manufacturers of private aircrafts globally. They contacted IndiaNIC with an aim to provide an easy to use, powerful, and robust solution to manage the cabin ambiance. For a similar solution, just like the Internet of Things (IoT) nowadays, we were handed the task of building an iOS app for all iOS devices that can monitor and control various features inside the cabin.

cabin control system in private aircraft

The Problem

The priority was to implement and install a smart solution that effectively improves internal staff productivity & customer experience.

Being the leaders in manufacturing private aircraft, the client felt that it was time to bring a touch of innovation leveraging trending technologies. The problem of the client was the way to do it along with scalability of the solution as almost every private jet would need custom requirements in setting up the hardware depending upon the number of seats, media devices, etc. Gulfstream was looking to choose an innovative solution for improved brand experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Automated cabin monitoring app
Automated solution to monitor and maintain private aircraft cabin

Our Strategy

To achieve an optimum level of the robust solutions developed including ease in functionality, we provided client-server architecture and Hardware Abstraction Level (HAL) interfaces, which streamlined the concept and circumvented hazardous landscapes. Our automation experts studied the aviation environment to provide the most compatible solution for private aircraft. Several questions were asked to identify the right model to implement and execute. To organize the interaction with different hardware devices, a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) was implemented. The HAL is a set of interfaces through which the server can interact with a different set of hardware devices making customization versatile.

Key Benefits

  • The automation helps in enhanced overall in-flight experience for cabin crew members as well as passengers with luxury, be it setting up the lights, temperature, floorplan information or entertainment for a perfect cabin environment.
  • The real value of this solution for aircraft maintenance operations lies in smoother operations, increased reliability and reducing the number of unscheduled maintenance incidents.
  • Sensors embedded in cabin seats will be able to read your level of anxiety, hydration, and temperature, and notify the flight staff or change the cabin environment to make it more comfortable.
  • The whole solution allows the management of different areas in Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), which helps internal staff manage operations easily.

With a vision to be one of the first to provide IoT experience with Gulfstream, IndiaNIC Programmers worked day and night to allow users the same luxurious experience.


After the successful implementation of the hardware and software without compromising the original designs of the aircraft, Gulfstream was able to deliver a unique cabin experience to the staff members and passengers. The touch of automation gave the brand a boost in terms of overall customer retention and sales. It was observed the productivity of staff was increased that resulted in a reduction in maintenance cost. It helped Gulfstream to provide the best possible customer service and set up new possibilities to implement in the future.

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