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A Web-Based Content Management System (CMS)

An esteemed client from Colombia who deals with a range of businesses, came with a requirement to develop a web-based content management system (CMS) for enhanced management of products, users, clients, and processes.

Project Brief

The South American client deals with varieties of business. The client came with a desire to leverage the benefits of technology for offering IT solutions to its customers

web based content management system

The Problem

The client came with a web development requirement for their customer. The holistic approach in CMS management was one of the prime requirements of the client. A powerful dashboard with robust backend support was the client’s core objective while targeting any user from Columbia and other South-American countries.

While contacting IndiaNIC for a web-based solution, the client had a concept of the tight-coupled solution in which the dependency is very high concerning web development and CMS management.

custom CMS
web based CMS

Our Strategy

IndiaNIC proposed a one-stop solution for developing enterprise-grade websites. Instead of a tight-coupled solution asked by the client, IndiaNIC suggested a loose-coupled solution to reduce the dependency.

Integration of a preference-based product/catalog display was a bit challenging, but experts at IndiaNIC have included it inventively. It captures all the gestures and footprints of the user during navigation while making sure that the users can get what they are expecting.

IndiaNIC defined the client’s requirements and came up with a holistic web-based solution for enabling the client to offer customized IT solutions. The developers at IndiaNIC combined the technological advancements of AngularJS and AWS for offering a complete control to the organization administrators while eliminating their dependency on the super admin.

Key Benefits

  • A state-of-the-art web solution offered to multiple clients to manage their CMS, users, tasks and product/catalog efficiently.
  • Our web solution captures all gestures and footprints one leaves during navigation to make sure user experience is in line with what the user is expecting. This helps in analyzing the user needs to improve overall customer service.
  • Powerful dashboard with a graphical representation of widget and analytics of every website data/content. This opens up the client to come up with a detailed report along with suggestions on areas to improve for every organization.

A dedicated team of 30+ members including Project Manager, Tech Leads, UI/UX designers, Web Developers, Quality Analysts collaborated with Sancho BBDO to deliver a complete digital web solution.


A Dynamic platform with a graphical widget representation and analytics feature was developed for taking care of data or content of every website. The client’s business processes became more flexible and scalable with independently managed web-based CMS and product catalog solution. The client could get a one-stop solution that caters to every aspect of organization-based websites.

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