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Partnering for Development with a Global Consulting Firm

IndiaNIC collaborated with the global consulting company, BCG, for delivering end-to-end IT services and bespoke digital solutions for their clients who are the world's leading Fortune 100 companies with 100% delivery guarantee.

Project Brief

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the leading global management consultation services providers. BCG is responsible to foster digital transformation, technological advancement, branding, deconstruction, etc. for the world’s leading companies. To provide 360-degree management services, not only consultation, IndiaNIC has been working with BCG to be their preferred development partner for delivering time critical projects.

BCG a global consulting firm

The Problem

Need to provide quick turn around for transient development projects for front end and backend.

Being an esteemed consulting firm with over 90 offices in more than 50 countries, BCG came to us actively looking for the a reliable development team for a long term lookout. The client wanted a partner that can guarantee quick IT solutions with faster turnaround time. The purpose was to meet the expectations and agility of business customers with efficient collaboration to establish a one-stop-shop image for digital solutions.

Our Strategy

Having understood the magnitude of client business and expectations, we planned to establish a communication protocol for long term success. There were times when we took the out-of-the-box approach by optimising our turnaround cycle when the client came up with back to back projects. The strategy we used was to ensure clear line of communication, be flexible in adopting to the changes while still streamlining the delivery with expected quality. This was done primarily with a clear design thinking and integrating with the right set of technology tools and frameworks. Moreover, our team gave innovative suggestions that added more value for BCG in front of their end clients.

Key Benefits

  • Just in Time Delivery for time critical projects enabled BCG to maintain their delivery commitments
  • Transparent commitments and sticking to the quality standards ensured the products though delivered in time, carried the premium standards for each project

Our web and mobile teams have experience and proficiency in diverse technologies that help us to deliver solutions on time.


IndiaNIC has justified the tag of being perfect IT solutions partners with BCG, having delivered multiple solutions on time to their clients with quality. As a result, BCG is now keen to scale up the collaboration with IndiaNIC and are in a direction now wherein they see IndiaNIC as one of the fastest responding digital suppliers for BCG. Discussions are happening on how we can generalize & standardize the collaborations further by defining categories of projects and quickly aligning resources that would give them an easy edge to plug IndiaNIC team whenever there is a new project.

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