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Google Glass App For Automobile Manufacturing.

IndiaNIC developed a custom Google Glass enterprise application, to offer guidance and workplace safety, for MTU Friedrichshafen, one of the world's largest manufacturers of engines and propulsion systems, owned by Rolls Royce.

Project Brief

MTU Friedrichshafen is a global manufacturer of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems owned by Rolls Royce. Their primary requirement was to introduce hands-on workplace safety and guidance manuals for their engineers working on the plant through a customized application for Google-glass. They contacted IndiaNIC, to create an app that would provide safety manuals, engine assembly videos, training tutorials and overall ability to perform tasks using the touchpad located on the side of the google-glass device.

Google Glass App For Automobile Manufacturing

The Problem

Wearable solutions can bring tremendous benefits to the manufacturing industry by providing instructions to engineers, putting an end to the use of tedious paper manuals.

However, while wearable technology is often viewed from a consumer-first perspective, it also comes with a huge business opportunity for big manufacturing companies. For example, Boeing took advantage of wearables for providing instructions to engineers, putting an end to the use of paper manuals. Although there were breakthroughs, wearables were never fully integrated on the factory floor. Half of the manufacturers are yet to adopt wearable technology by 2022. Our client MTU, one of the few savvy manufactures was an early adopter of this technology, identifying and investing aggressively for a smarter and digitized plant floor to achieve greater operational visibility and enhance production quality.

Automobile Manufacturing’s Google Glass App
Google Glass App

Our Strategy

When the client first approached IndiaNIC with the task of designing and developing a custom google-glass enterprise app, our team of tech leads and designers did a detailed requirement gathering of the features and functionalities that were needed to suffice in an assembly line manufacturing system. A google-glass displays an interface on the screen which can be controlled by a tiny touchpad located on the side of the device, allowing users to control it by sliding it and accessing information, images & video content.

We designed the app keeping in mind the device’s ability to understand multi-language while users could perform tasks without touching the touchpad and complete the required actions through the microphone installed on the device. Our team of designers made various versions of the cards UI, to best fit the requirements of the custom app that could be used for hands-free operations in many large scale manufacturing units across the globe.

Key Benefits

  • The app allowed hands-free training of engineers on the work floor to increase production efficiency in terms of reduced equipment damage & injuries or poor performance all around.
  • Engineers and workers could also snap photos and videos as a part of the technology offering which could be used in several dire instances such as when the machine malfunctions or breaks down, workers can notify appropriate parties, allowing them to keep their hands away from the hardware while doing so.
  • Workers can also use the app to augment or improve existing processes and functions within industrial settings, such as on the production line, staff members could use the tech to stay focused on what they’re doing, obtain additional info or deliver remote orders or command to speed up operations.
  • The bottom line is that wearable technology such, in general, is presenting so many new possibilities and opportunities for improving the way things operate. Both human workers and the equipment and tools they use can be modified to boost productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Our team of dedicated experts collaborated with MTU to deliver a Handsfree Solution to increase productivity.


The connected factory of the future truly starts becoming a reality. Hence, our client MTU was quick to adapt to this thriving breakthrough of devices in the manufacturing industry with the help of a custom glass app developed by our team. We not only developed a functional and operational application but also helped our client leverage all the benefits of the Google-glass technology by custom feature integrations.

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