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Africa’s largest telecommunication services providers, MTN approached IndiaNIC for the version upgrade and migration of their existing billing system based on Oracle to the latest version that must be compatible with other MTN system applications.

Project Brief

MTN, being the eight largest mobile network operator in the world has over 24 million subscribers, was looking to upgrade the billing ecosystem. The client also wanted to redesign the user interface to ensure optimum user experience using the trending technologies. The idea was to implement an efficient enterprise-grade solution to streamline the process of invoice generation and billing management. Team IndiaNIC provided a complete enterprise mobility solution that met custom needs of MTN group perfectly with ZERO downtime.

MTN an Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider

The Problem

Inevitable need of migrating & redesigning the outdated customer self-service portal for billing without any system crash was a challenge for the client.

The purpose of this project was to empower the whole billing process required a clear understanding with perfect execution. To play with a system that is relevant to such a large database of end users is always tricky. MTN required a complete migration of their billing system from Oracle 6.0.4 to the latest Oracle version. Also, the client wanted to make sure that the new billing portal has a thorough revamp regarding UI that can be user friendly to improve overall experience. IndiaNIC was also accountable to make the new billing system compatible with other internal applications to provide easy access for better productivity.

User of MTN an Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider
Users of MTN an Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider

Our Strategy

Our expert system architects at IndiaNIC who have rich experience in providing enterprise mobility solutions for telecommunication industry initiated the project kick-off with a strategic consulting surrounding billing ecosystem planning. We designed and delivered a Microservices based architecture along with custom API development services to make them used by different existing MTN systems. Microservices were implemented in Java using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. We created Jenkins based Continuous Delivery System for automatic build and deployment of Microservices to the Docker container. A special feature to create PDF Billing Documents for offline mode was integrated. It uses Apache Kafka for message queuing and Cassandra for storage.

Key Benefits

  • To implement a simplified billing process, IndiaNIC designed billing APIs with a single point of entry for all billing information using existing MTN systems. Having Custom APIs (instead of Oracle APIs) allowed MTN to use them extensively throughout the enterprise.
  • Leveraging Microservices based architecture benefits an enterprise to implement and deploy loose coupled service applications without being dependent over the other systems.
  • Microservices are highly maintainable, testable and scalable.
  • With Microservices architecture, technology stack can evolve gradually - as opposed to a monolith application which has to be replaced in one go.
  • Having the CI/CD system along with Docker container - complex deployments (in different environments like DEV, QA, UAT, Staging, PROD etc.) are done automatically with minimum human interventions.

Our team of 30 dedicated experts collaborated with MTN and their partners, to deliver a business-driven solution using "Scrum of Scrums" approach.


IndiaNIC successfully redesigned the customer self-service portal with intuitive UI along with Oracle version migration with ZERO downtime. Leveraging the offshore development model, MTN made huge savings by opting for this cost-effective approach to hire dedicated developers from IndiaNIC. To build an IT infrastructure on-site for a telecommunication company is a huge ask dealing with potential dangers of disrupting the existing enterprise operations along with recruiting appropriate development experts. With IndiaNIC taking over this responsibility, the client was able to focus on routine responsibilities surrounding the business.

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