Designed India’s First Live Movie Streaming Website, NDTV Lumière

Inspired by the Lumiere brothers, who brought the Cinema from France to India in 1896, NDTV launched the first of its Indian 24 hour movie channel, NDTV Lumiere in 2009. We designed and developed a web platform and movie streaming solution showcasing foreign films.

Project Brief

NDTV Group one of the leading Media brands in India wanted to launch a film streaming website and platform for Indian TV Viewers that would stream movies 24 hours of the day. This live movie streaming platform is dedicated especially to foreign films that the Indian audience could view anytime, anywhere. They collaborated with IndiaNIC to make this dream come true for Foreign Film Lovers in India by creating a web platform for live film streaming that was one of its kind at the time.

Homepage of NDTV lumiere

The Problem

Fulfilling an industry niche and enabling viewers to watch foreign films on a single web platform.

NDTV Lumiere was launched in the year 2009. At the time there were close to zero platforms where Indian viewers could view foreign films whenever they wanted. We designed a web platform with the PHP framework in India, that not only streamlined thousands of movies and finest of cinema from across the world but also helped the viewers view movies via Internet, Pay per view & home video streaming.

ScreenShots of NDTV Lumiere Website
ScreenShots of NDTV Lumiere Website

Our Strategy

With the NDTV Group name at stake, We had a huge responsibility to not only build a live streaming platform but to run it smoothly across multiple devices. We used Drupal as our primary framework to make this platform work its best. Database management was done through MySQL framework. Our client wanted to integrate various features along with video streaming to make a wholesome platform. Hence we started off with creating rough wireframes to envision the idea. After long discussions with various technical and design experts across our team at IndiaNIC, we designed and developed a  global platform such as this that would look and function seamlessly and deliver a great user experience.

Key Benefits

  • The idea of NDTV Lumiere movie is to bring some of the finest films from world cinema to entertain people all around the world, at a time where there was no such platform available for viewers in India.
  • Apart from showcasing films, the channel is involved in hosting shows, events, and promotions, where they interview actors, actresses, and directors on insights into the film industry making it a one-point interest for thousands of viewers looking for such content all over the place.
  • Detailed information about films, ratings and reviews was available to maximize the user experience.
  • Often viewers would watch movies in extremely poor qualities or through a rented DVD, or even through piracy. NDTV Lumiere changed the market in an attempt to reach a wider audience each day.
  • A revolutionary idea that fostered the way Indian audiences watched cinema and broadcasted movies, created a buzz in the industry.

A dedicated team of innovators, designers, developers, industry experts, and quality analysts collaborated with NDTV to design the platform.


NDTV Lumière was the first of its kind across India that aimed to deliver the best experience to international film enthusiasts & provide access to top-quality movies from across the world. Showcasing the best of world movies in Indian theatres immediately following their Global release. The movies from NDTV Lumière were also made available across multiple platforms such as home video DVD, a 24 hour TV Channel, pay-per-view across DTH platforms and internet downloads.

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