Pharmaceutical Medical Representative App

The experts at IndiaNIC developed an app for Pharmaceutical Medical Representatives to record events they visit. We delivered an Android and iOS app with the ability to capture metadata of images for field trips to offer enhanced interactions.

Project Brief

AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company, contacted IndiaNIC to create a medical representative app that can be used by Medical reps for finding information about an event schedules, who is speaking at the event or who are attending the event. The One stand out feature of the application was its ability to capture the Image and Video along with their metadata of the image to identify the location and time of where they were attending to log visit in the Internal System of AstraZeneca.

Meeting of Medical Representative Company

The Problem

Capture Metadata of Image for Field Trips by Medical representatives.

A mobile app can change the way events are hosted and attended by a full 360 degree. At the time when our client approached IndiaNIC, there were very few companies using mobile apps for their events. AstraZeneca wanted this app that could help them in saving time handling tedious verifying visits of field reps, viewing schedules and identifying speaker information with ease, increasing attendee participation and interaction.

Doctor Showcasing Xray Astrazeneca App
Hospital Lobby Astrazeneca App

Our Strategy

The AstraZeneca event app was tailor-made to fulfill and fit into all types of events. We did a detailed requirement gathering of the features and functionality our client wanted to visually see in the app as well as made necessary suggestions. Our team of UI/UX designers did a thorough analysis of the users and designed an intuitive and functional app that was minimal and easy to use.

Key Benefits

  • This app can save a lot of time people would spend on looking for the right information and directions in a large scale event.
  • Increased event attendance and better interaction can be made possible through the app.
  • An increase in team & participant productivity could facilitate better communication and collaboration.
  • Event budgets could be managed through the app.
  • All in all the app can reduce workload for the organizer & provide a better experience for the visitors.

A dedicated team of mobile app developers collaborated with AstraZeneca to deliver a fully functional and seamless application.


AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company holds various events at huge scales. With more than tens of thousands of people attending these events and numerous doctors and pharmacists in presence, they wanted an app that would take their event experience to the next level. Our team clearly understood their requirements and delivered an exceptionally useful and functional app that could be modified for any events.

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